Kanger Single Coil Replacement Coils

These Kanger brand replacement coils are compatible with single coil tanks such as Protank, Kanger Protank 2, Kanger Mini Protank, Kanger Mini Protank 2, Kanger EVOD,Generic Protank, Generic Mini Protank and MT3. 

They are available in 4 different resistance levels, 1.5 ohm, 1.8 ohm, 2.2 ohm and 2.5 ohm. 

Selecting the right resistance level depends on your own preferences and the eCig you intend to use your Protank or EVOD with.

Higher resistance levels produce less vapor and use less energy from your eCig battery; if the power output of the eCig you are using is too low, higher resistance coils may produce an unsatisfactory amount of vapor. Higher resistance coils will extend the life of your battery.

Low resistance coils produce more vapor but use more energy from eCig battery;  if the power output of the eCig is too high, these coils may burn out much faster than normal and produce a harsh or burnt taste.

For example:

I smoked about 1 to 2 packs a day before I started vaping so I use a lower resistance coil because I like the vapor and strong throat hit. I also use a variable voltage battery in case I need a little extra kick.

On the other hand, if you are a light smoker, you would go with a higher resistance coil such as the 2.2 ohm or 2.5 ohm which will be a cooler vape and will not produce as much vapor or the strong throat kit.

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